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Clinton High School Tournament Information

If you plan to leave from the school, we will leave at 5:30AM.  If you do not plan to leave from school, be at gym by 8:45AM.  

Pool play: 2 games to 25, cap at 27. A third game to 15, cap at 17, if necessary.

Match order:              Match 1       Match 2       Match 3       Match 4       Match 5       Match 6

                                      1 vs. 3         2 vs. 4          2 vs. 3           1 vs. 4          3 vs. 4          1 vs. 2 


Tournament Play:

All teams advance.  All first-place and second-place teams to the Gold playoffs. All third-place and fourth-place teams to the Silver playoffs. The top TWO teams in overall pool play for each bracket will receive a bye for the first round of bracket play. This will be determined once teams are placed into brackets and point spreads are reviewed.  Once bracket play begins, the tournament will be single elimination. Tournament play will be 2 out of 3 sets with no cap.

General Information:

  • Each team is guaranteed four matches. The champion will not play more than five matches.

  • All matches will be played at the campus of Clinton High School

  • Please bring balls (labeled) from your school for warm up. We will provide game balls

  • Gate will be $5 for an all-day ticket. Under elementary school age is free.

  • A concession stand will be open the entire tournament.

  • Bag (tailgate) Chairs will be permitted along the outside of the basketball court area not to block bleachers view.

  • Hospitality room for coaches and officials will be provided.

  • Team tables may be set up in the hallway. PLEASE KEEP YOUR AREA CLEAN and kindly clean up after your team.

  • We are going to get Hoos Q chicken and BBQ with mac and cheese for our team table.  This will be for our players and parents.

  • T shirts were not mentioned, but may be available.

Pool play times:

9:30 am - DeSoto Central

10:30 am - Madison Central

1:30 pm - Tupelo

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