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Tuscaloosa Christian School 

Best Practices for Return to Play 2020 Volleyball


  1. Spectators/facilities

    1. All spectators shall wear a mask or other facial covering that covers his or her nostrils and mouth at all times when within 6 feet of a person from another household.  This is based on the Current Order of the State Health Officer, July 29, 2020.

    2. If at all possible, all spectators should sit with members of their household.

    3. Hand sanitizer stations will be available.

  2. Teams

    1. Tuscaloosa Christian will not check opposing team temperatures prior to playing as this would put the person performing this task at risk.  Please ensure your players have passed a health evaluation prior to entering the gym.

    2. There will be no locker rooms available to change.  Please arrive already ready to play.

  3. Event Management

    1. All game day event personnel will be required to pass a health evaluation prior to the event

    2. Pre-game interactions with opponent coaches and players should be limited and physical distancing guidelines should be maintained.  

    3. Pre and post-game gestures of sportsmanship will not occur, which includes 'high fives' and hand shakes.

    4. No team water coolers will be provided by Tuscaloosa Christian School.

    5. Tuscaloosa Christian School will not provide warm up balls for the opposing team.

    6. Tuscaloosa Christian School will have four volleyballs available for the match and will be rotated during the match.  The balls will be sanitized before being put back into play.

    7. Tuscaloosa Christian School will adhere to National Federation of High School rules modifications.  Game officials will be responsible for enforcing these changes.

    8. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed by both team benches and should be used when players exit the game.

    9. Coaches and bench players will not be required to wear a mask or facial covering, but it is recommended.

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