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2016 10th Annual Cotton Classic


Coaches, I would like thank you for participating in the 10th edition of our tournament.    Since the first year we held our tournament, we have tried to improve the quality each year.  This year, we have a great mix of teams from Alabama and Mississippi which should provide for very competitive matches. 

This will be an eight team varsity only tournament to be held Friday, August 26 and concluding on Saturday August 27th.


The format will be two pools of four teams each.  Each team in each pool will play the other three teams in their pool.   Each match in pool play will consist of two sets to 25 (win by 2, no cap).  There will be no third set if teams split in pool play.   Seeding will be determined by the number of sets won and lost.  Pool play will be divided up into two waves to help with travel and reduce the amount of time at the gym.


Each team is guaranteed five matches each. 


Red Pool  – Wave 1 (3:15P-5:30P)                          White Pool - Wave 2 (6:15P-9:15P)

Team 1 – Grace                                                         Team 1 – Tuscaloosa Christian

Team 2 – Victory Millbrook                                     Team 2 – New Life

Team 3 – Tuscaloosa Home Educators                 Team 3 – Tabernacle

Team 4 – Brooklane                                                 Team 4 – Meadowview



After pool play has concluded, the top two teams from each pool based on win/loss record in sets (not matches) will be placed in the Gold division bracket.  The bottom two teams from each pool will be placed in the Silver division bracket.  If there is a tie, then the total points allowed between the teams that are tied will be added and the team with the lowest total points allowed will be the winner of the tie breaker.

For the bracket play, the format will be 2 out of 3 sets in each match.  First two sets to 25 (win by two, no cap) and third set to 15 (win by two, no cap)

The tournament will begin at 3:15 pm on Friday afternoon and we should conclude between 5 pm and 6 pm on Saturday.    Hospitality room will be available for coaches and spouses.

Entry fee to the tournament is $140 per team.   Admission will be $5.00 per day for adults and $2.00 for students.  Children under 6 are free.  ACAA coach’s cards will not be accepted for this tournament.

R1 will be provided.  R2 will be done by the teams involved (mostly Tuscaloosa).  Line judging will be provided by Tuscaloosa.  T-shirts will be available at the tournament.  Water and warm up balls will be provided to cut down on travel items.  Concessions will also be available.  Team tables are welcome as well.


Coaches, please email me a roster with name, year, jersey, position by Wednesday, August 17th to be in the program.  


Hotels near the school:

Wingate by Wyndham – this is a brand new hotel and within 2 miles of the school.


Holiday Inn Express – This is a new hotel, located across the street from University Mall and very near Midtown Village.  It is about 3 ½ miles from the school.


Microtel Inn – this is a new hotel located next to university mall and very near Midtown Village.  It is about 3 ½ miles from the school.

Pool Play

Friday  August 26

3:15 PM  Grace Christian vs Brooklane

4:00 PM  Victory vs Tuscaloosa Home Educators

4:45 PM  Grace Christian vs Tuscaloosa Home Educators

5:30 PM  Victory vs Brooklane

6:15 PM  Grace Christian vs Victory

7:00 PM  Tuscaloosa Christian vs New Life

7:45 PM  Tabernacle vs Meadowview

8:30 PM  Tuscaloosa Christian vs Tabernacle

9:15 PM  New Life vs Meadowview

Saturday August 27

8:00 AM  Tuscaloosa Christain vs Meadowview

8:45 AM  Brooklane vs Tuscaloosa Home Educators

9:30 AM  New Life vs Tabernacle

Tournament schedule

Match 1  10:30 AM  #3 Red vs #4 White

Match 2  11:30 AM  #2 Red vs #1 White

Match 3  12:30 PM  #4 Red vs #3 White

Match 4  1:30 PM    #1 Red vs #2 White

Match 5  2:30 PM  Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 3

Match 6  3:30 PM  Loser Match 2 vs loser Match 4

Match 7  4:30 PM  Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 3

Match 8  5:30 PM  Winner Match 2 vs Winner Match 4

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